Eco friendly lifestyle in Dubai?!


I live Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a very international city. People from all over the world come here to work as this growing city has many opportunities to offer. Only 11 percent of the residents are actual UAE nationals. So, here I am one of the many, living my dream in this beautiful city. And just like most of UAE residents I am not planning on settling down here. Most of people live here for approximately 1-3 years. They save some money and eventually leave to their home countries. Seeing the city only as a temporary stop people are less considerate about its future and the ecological impact they make.

The city itself does not promote minimalistic eco – friendly lifestyle. Actually it’s everything opposite to that. If you google “Dubai” the first things you will see it’s innovative architecture, biggest shopping malls, restaurants, hotels… You will see pictures of people dressed in designer clothing and driving luxurious fast cars. It is a consumerism paradise. If you have a well paid job , life can be extremely comfortable for you. It is very affordable to have everyday take away food, laundry, house cleaning services. It’s easy to lose yourself in this consumption culture… Everything is so easy to get.

Thanks to my job I have a chance to travel a lot. And before moving to UAE besides Lithuania I also lived  in Italy for couple years. I know by experience that life is not like this in other places. Many people confess that life in Dubai often feels fake and empty. I must admit I tried to adjust and enjoyed all the local pleasures: shopping, clubbing, going for dinners and doing all other things that cool kids do it this city… But it made me just feel more empty (well, not true… It was fun! Very fun! But still empty…). And I know that it is not the fault of the city that I live in. We are the ones that choose. And yes, it is easier to follow the crowd. But we own it to ourselves to be the most authentic and real version of us. That is why I think we should always question our behaviors and only do and say the things that have real meaning for us.

I am not attempting to be perfect. I am just trying to align my life with my belief system… Small steps at a time. Sometimes “the crowd” voice is louder and I go off course. But I am determined to learn how to make better choices. That’s why – I will read, learn and try in practice different things, to find what are my alternatives in this city and then choose what fits the best for me. One small, eco friendly step at a time and we will see where it will bring me. You can follow my journey in this blog, and I am hoping to inspire some of you with my open and unconventional thoughts.

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