Plastic bag?! No, thank you.


Plastic is an amazing material. It’s actually so great, that it is almost indestructible. First man made plastic has been created in 1856. And it got very popular immediately. This low cost material, with it’s easy production, water resistance has found the use in every industry. It has been used in so many ways, from the paper clips to the spaceships… Wonderful invention isn’t it?!
But let’s again remember that it is almost indestructible material. It takes thousands of years for it to degrade, but even then, it just degrades into the smaller pieces that later are absorbed by small animals and the plants… and later most probably by us, and continue circling in the nature’s food chain. Every single toothbrush, shampoo bottle you have used is still somewhere there in the landfill chilling with other trash and not even started to degrade yet. I’m sure you already heard about the plastic islands in the Pacific ocean. And they keep on growing, as only 9% of plastic we use gets recycled. Plastic is the expensive to recycle. There are many different types of it, and in order to recycle it has to be separated. I addition to that, some of the plastic types can be recycled only a couple times.
Plastic it’s great, but should not be used in disposable items: plastic bags, takeaway packaging, water bottles, straws, toothbrushes… We should all be more aware as the consumers and try to minimize the plastic that we use, and if we end up using it we must find a place to recycle it.
My advice would be replace the disposable items into a reusable ones. Start with refusing the plastic bags in the shops and use your own cool reusable shopping bag. You already will be making a change! So simple, but so important… This is the first step in changing your mindset.

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