Update: 1 month choosing green

About one month ago I decided to give a sustainable lifestyle a try. Every day I see more clear why it is a journey and not a destination. Going fully green, would mean living outside in the raw nature. In order to live in a society and a big city like Dubai, you have to compromise. The best I can do is to learn how to do less harm. It’s important to note, that I work in an airline, and I still drive a car… Far from the sustainability idol.
So what did change in my life? I think my bathroom is the best example of the slow change that is happening. When I started educating myself about the sustainable alternatives I got very excited and wanted to try all these great zero waste products that are available in the market.  But I still had many things that I bought before and throwing them away would not be a smart step. I would only create more waste, which is the opposite of sustainable. Unfortunately, most of my products I have been using are packaged in plastic and are not made by ethical companies. It was a reminder of my poor decisions and I just couldn’t wait to finish them, so that I could replace them with the new, zero waste products. Many items that were still sealed I gave away for the people who work in my building. So the change is slow, and buying more things isn’t the solution here. Less is more in this case. This is what you would see in my bathroom today:

  • 3F3092F3-04BB-49F8-84BC-CC0CA99AF85FShampoo and conditioner – I have used up the products that I had before, recycled the empty bottles and at the moment I am experimenting with Lush shampoo and conditioner bars that I bought totally package free. Not sure if I like them yet, need a bit more time to make an opinion.



  • DA6B83E7-3EA5-46F3-8C50-A1D9413487ABFace tonic – It is my old discovery. For almost two years I make my own face tonic from green tea and organic apple cider vinegar. My skin loves it.



  • 8EF7A324-FE26-4F1A-8EFE-BA1791B9D64CFace cream – oh dear lord…. this is where my shopping addiction was the strongest. I just love experimenting with face creams.. I tend to buy natural, organic products. But honestly I have too many, and just one face. It will take some time to finish up the ones I have. I hope after I finish my “collection” I will switch to using only organic oils, as I feel they do the best job improving my skin.



  • Body lotion – This Christmas I happened to get many of them from my friends as a stocking filler. To throw it away would be a waste and I cannot donate them as they are already open. To be true I don’t even use them that much, as I prefer organic shea butter. So friends, I know you love, but next time a hug is enough!



  • B038FCC9-E850-44B7-9535-33B76253CD40Shaving kit – I used to buy disposable razors. They are made out of plastic, good only for couple uses and also expensive. I decided to invest in a reusable shaver. It end up being the best decision. It does a very close shave, it looks great in my bathroom and it’s eco friendly. Win, win, win!



  • Toothbrush – I replaced my old plastic one into the bamboo toothbrush. It was packaged in a paper box which I easily recycled. Compostable toothbrush and  and happy teeth!



  • B0E15BD7-9DCD-4E24-A170-7750FD19CF41Toothpaste– I still own a drugstore toothpaste, but I have tried to make one myself from the bicarbonate soda, coconut oil, and charcol. I really like how clean my teeth feel when use it. I believe that soon I will switch  in using only my homemade solution.



  • BB4E2B21-6346-42BA-9A2E-3000D06F7ECBCotton pads – I invested in reusable bamboo make up removing pads. Still not sure how I feel about them. Maybe it’s too extreme… Mhmm… We will see how they look after washing.






  • Deodorant– I still own a drugstore deodorant, but occasionally I use simple bicarbonate soda as an alternative. And I am really confused, it actually does the job! I am not sure though, if I am ready to commit to it fully.



  • 6CE6CC1F-40F7-40E3-9EDB-272359F7E5CCMenstrual care items – I am trying some alternatives as well, but I think it is worth a separate article, and I want to give it couple more months so that I could give my fair opinion about them.



  • Make up – That is another topic for a separate article. All I can say now, is that zero waste make up is tough to find.



  • Make up remover – To remove my make up I use organic coconut oil.


That’s about it. This is what I am using now. There is still a lot of space for improvement. It is a learning curve. I am a women and the fact that I choose sustainable alternatives does not mean I am gonna care less about my looks. So far I just noticed that the natural products work better for me. I feel more confident in using items with the ingredients that I can pronounce and actually know what they do. I will continue on learning and practicing my green adventure in the big desert city.




  1. It is so great that you have made this blog! I too am trying to minimize everything and am eco crazy! I also purchased these conditioner bars – however I am not a fan. I prefer to keep my old conditioner bottle and refill it in bulk food stores – thus effectively creating no new waste.
    I am keen to hear how you get on with the menstrual cup. I have been trying it out for a few months and so far not confident or satisfied to rely only on that.
    Keep up the great work and you are not alone! An uphill battle but, so worth it! X


  2. Thank you for your support :), it is really heart-warming to hear from another Eco crazy fellow! I still want to give a menstual cup some more time before I form a full oppinion, but I will definitelly make a dedicated blog about eco friendly period products soon! ✌️&💚


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