Where to recycle in Dubai?


Al Khawaneej Walking and Cycling park recycling center

According to the recent Dubai carbon reports, an average waste per person is 2,7 kg a month, which is more than double comparing with European Union average. To make the matter worse only 17,5% of municipal waste gets recycled. If you want to know more, read my other article: Why we must talk about sustainability in UAE? . There is no doubt that the change has to happen, and it only can happen if we take the responsibility and start to change our own habits. I have done my best to put all the information I could gather in one place. I hope you will find it helpful. I was surprised how difficult it is to find the actual locations of the recycle centres. During my research I got to know that actually Dubai municipality does not have a proper list of their recycling centers, and the only list, that I got from the friendly lady who answered my call, was in arabic. When I was discovering Bee’ah location map I did not find the actual recycling point that I was using for the last month… (I hope they are aware of it, but I did notice that the containers havn’t been collected for some time). To put this aside, I would like to continue with a positive note and encourage you to explore the areas you live in and don’t give up easy. When there is a will, you will find a way! If you find something I did not mention in my list, please share it in the comments!


Dubai municipality public recycling centers:
(Paper/ Cardboards/ Plastic/ Metal/ Glass/ Leather/ Rubber/ Wood/ Used Clothing/ Electrical appliances/ Batteries):

  • Al Manara centre (Sheikh Zayed Road)
  • Al Karama (just outside the park)
  • Um Suqueim public beach
  • Al Rashidiya Park
  • Nad al Hamar
  • Mirdif Park
  • Al Twar Centre
  • Hatta Centre
  • Al Khawaneej Walking and Cycling track

You can download the app or go to their website to see the closest place where you  can drop your recyclables. There are over 1500 spots, they have bins in many public places, such as JBR, La Mer beach etc. In most of the recycling points you will be able to recycle Paper/ Plastic bottles & Cans/ Cardboards.

If you have a Spinneys supermarket next to your building, ask if they have a recycling bins. Many of their branches have it, and usually it is at the back side of the building. You can recycle there : Paper/ Cardboards/ Plastic/ Cans.

If you live in Safa 1 or 2, Jumeirah 1,2 or 3 you will have the special Dulsco provided containers and have door to door waste collection service.

EEG office (Beach road)
You can recycle there: paper/ Plastic/ e-waste/ batteries/ glass/ printer cartiges & toner

Green Truck
It is a private company that provides a door to door recycling service. It would cost you 100 dhs a month. You would be provided with a free recycle bins and have your trash collected ones a weekly and you could recycle: Paper/ Plastic/ Glass/ Cans/ Metals/ Electronics.

Through their app you can participate in different recycling campaigns and receive reward points that you can redeem in cash, discounts or donate to the charities.


Special waste:

Dubai municipality centres
Emirates post offices
NBAD branches
Gold and Diamond Park
EEG office

Clothes and Shoes donation boxes – you can find the donation boxes (green in color) next to most super markets, donate your clothes instead of throwing them away.


Other useful websites:
http://www.takemyjunkuae.com – you can get all your unwanted house supplies, furniture, electronics collected from your house for free.

http://www.wepassitforward.com – give away kids toys, clothes, strollers or other items that they have outgrown to other families who need them.

http://www.enviroserve.org – takes care of the e-waste, refrigerant gas and other special waste.

uae.melltoo.com – you can sell the things you do not use anymore online. Easy to use website. The items will be collected from your door step and money sent directly to your account.

Recycle doodle iconsTo sum up unfortunately, many areas are still not equipped with the recycling bins. But as I said before, if there is a will, you will find the way! Recycling is great, but it is not the only answer to the problem. Most importantly we should consume less, replace disposable items into the reusable ones and practice conscious consumption. We should try to recycle less things, rather than more. Reduce, Reuse and then Recycle!







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