Traveling eco friendly

I noticed that making eco friendly swaps at home is much easier than travel eco friendly. It is more difficult, but not impossible. It just requires some planning.
These are some tips that I would like to share with you:


Eco friendly hostel in San Miguel, Costa Rica

1. Refuse (do not use if they are already placed) bathroom miniatures. Pack your own zero waste toiletries instead, you will use the product that you like and that you know is eco friendly.
2. Ask the hotel do not change your towels and linens. Most of the hotels give a choise to reuse them, instead of having them laundered every day. It eventually helps saving water and using less detergents.
3. Treat your hotel room as your home. Do not leave electricity or AC on when you are leaving the room.



1. No take away. When you travel, most probably you do not have time, nor opportunity to cook. Choose to eat in the restaurants rather than having take away. Take away (especially fast food) is packaged in disposable packaging, often plastic that we should avoid it.

Delicious Seafood Paella in Lisbon, Portugal

2. Refuse straw and plastic cutlery. I take with me, my own reusable cutlery with me. If you feel you prefer drinking through the straw you can also buy a reusable straw which you could carry with you as well.
3. Carry your own reusable water bottle. In most places you can find easily where to replenish your water bottle. It is important to stay hydrated when traveling, that’s why I would suggest you to have at least 1l bottle.
4. Carry a reusable coffee cup. If you are a coffee lover like me, and enjoy trying different coffees when you travel, you must get a reusable coffee cup. Most of the coffe shops do not have a problem to serve it for you in your own cup.




Circular railway train ride in Yangon, Myanmar




1. Use public transportation. In my experience it is much more fun, and you can explore the places you go through the local person perspective.
2. Walk or ride a bicycle when you can. It is even better way to know the cities, you will see more and it’s also a great exercise.



Local market in Yangon, Myanmar

1. Carry your own shopping bag.
2. Choose local markets and local eco-friendly brands.
3. Avoid plastic packaging.





1. Do not support animal cruelty. Elephant rides, bullfighting, baby lion/ tiger parks, swimming with Dolphins, visiting zoos… It all sounds fun, but it’s all in the cost of animals suffering. If you want to observe animals, visit accredited sanctuaries or see them in their own natural habitat where it is possible.

Elephant Sanctuary in Nairobi, Kenya

2. Respect the local ecosystem. Do not disturb local life forms such as seashells, starfish, corals and etc.
3. Don’t litter!
4. Bring the non-recyclable waste with you. Some countries do not have recycling culture. I prefer to bring non-biodegradable waste back home and recycle it here.



Happy traveling folks! Explore and stay green!



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