What is in my bag? / 2 months update

I am two months into my Eco-awareness journey. I have learned so much just by observing my consumption habits. What do I buy? What kind of waste I make? Accordingly, I have searched for the alternatives that would be eco-friendly and help me create less waste.

What I realized that this zero (low) waste lifestyle requires preparation. Most of the non recyclable waste I have created throughout these months could have been avoided if I was prepared and had my reusable items with me. That is why I made into a habit to carry some things in my bag every time I leave the house.





1. Reusable water bottle. I drink at least 2,5l. of water a day and carrying my own bottle is a great reminder to drink more. I don’t need to buy disposable plastic bottles, which helps me to create less waste and saves me money.


IMG_65322. Reusable shopping bag. I made it into a habit to have it with me all the time, because too many times I would buy something and realize I do not have my bag with me. (I would end up carrying my groceries in my arms, just because I am too stubborn to accept the plastic bag).

IMG_65293. Reusable produce bags. Again, better be ready than sorry. Even if I am not planning to buy groceries I always carry it with me just in case.It barelly occupy any space in my bag and if I buy something I do not need to use the clear plastic bags.

IMG_64784. Reusable mug. As a self-confessed coffee addict it s an absolute necessity for me. I carry my cute mug everywhere, just in case I need a coffee kick. In the beginning I was shy asking coffee shops to serve the coffe in my mug, but so far I have not been denied it anywhere. Even the big brands like Starbucks and Costa accept it without any issues. I feel that my mug holds the heat better and is more leak proof than a regular paper cup (by the way, they are not recyclable in UAE).

IMG_65265. Travel spork and reusable straw. I carry my cutlery so I could avoid using disposable/plastic items.



6. Cloth napkins. I am happy to remember the good old days of cloth napkins. It was such a common thing back in a day, but for some reason paper napkins have taken over the market. They are not only a waste of paper but also packaged in plastic. All this so that you could blow your nose ones and through it away?! Nop… I am bringing the cloth napkins back in fashion!

Here is it. These are the things you would always find inside my bag. I would love to know what eco-friendly items do you carry? Share it with me, please!




  1. The water bottle and shopping bag are always a must for me too! I think after I run out of the mini tissue packets I have I will have to adopt the cloth napkin again! Great idea!
    Meanwhile I still have a gazillion plastic cutlery to get through (carry those in my work bag and suitcase) My flatmate is always ordering food so we have an endless supply…and I can’t just throw them away.


    1. I’m happy I’ve inspired you to start using the cloth napkins again. I bought mine in Thailand, NaRaYa shop, they have a wide selection of different sizes and colors.


  2. The ideas of carrying your own bottle is also a great reminder that you have to drink water as you know how much water Is inside and how many bottles you’ve been drinking.
    The bags idea is also great. Just leave it in your car and whenever you decided to stop to buy some groceries you don’t need to use any plastic bottles!!!!!!
    Awesome !!!
    Thank you for the ideas !!!


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