Shopping package free

I have been trying to minimize my waste and avoid plastic for the last 3 months. Soon I have noticed that my trash bin is mostly filled with the food waste and it’s packaging. Sadly, most of our food comes packaged in plastic. I become very aware of the things I was buying and learned many ways of minimizing my waste.

  • 2F1E31CF-81F9-4F8F-ABE1-0AF859ED01DAI am no longer using plastic bags as I made into a habit always bring the reusable shopping bag and produce bags with me. I leave an extra bag in each of my handbags and also in my car.




  • I try to avoid food waste, by freezing some of my food and finding creative ways of using the leftovers.
  • If I do not find a product I need packaging free, I would choose a product with less harmful and recyclable packaging.



So where to buy package free products in Dubai?


Fruits and vegetables

If you have your own reusable produce bags you can buy it without any plastic in the most supermarkets. If you want to buy them in bulk and cheaper I would recommend to visit Fruit & vegetable market in Ras Al Khor Industrial Area.
You can also buy from the local farmers in the Ripe market (Zabeel Park – gate 2) every friday from October to April.


I find that from all super markets Union Co-op has the biggest selection on loose fruits and vegetables.



Most of the supermarkets have their own bakeries and you can buy it using your own clean cloth bag.
Union Co-op, Carrefour, Waitrose, etc.

Flowers and Rice
In Union Co-op you can find flowers by weight.

Cheese and cold cuts
You can find it sold by gram in many supermarkets. I find that Union Co-op has the best selection though. For organic choice try Organic foods & Caffe.

Seeds and Superfoods

You can buy them by gram in Organic foods & Caffe and Union Co-op.




Nuts and dry fruits
You will find them package free in Carrefour, Waitrose and Lulu supermarkets.

You must visit Spice souq in Deira! You can find all the spices and herbs you might need, and sellers are happy to reuse your containers.
You can also find package free spices sold in Carrefour and Unio Co-op.

Coffee and Tea

You can stock up on your package free coffee in Carrefour and loose tea in Tealand shop (Dubai festival city).



Meat and Fish
You can buy fish in the Dubai fish market. You also will find meat and fish in Carrefour and Organic foods & caffe. Just remember to explain the staff you want to use your own container before they start packaging.

You can buy them in Ripe market (Zabeel park- gate 2) and reuse the egg boxes you already own.

Legumes and Pulses

You can buy them in Union Co-Op and Carrefour, you just need to bring your own jars or boxes.







Cleaning supplies, detergent:

In Organic foods & Caffe you can refill your cleaning products using the old containers (it has to be the same brand bottle though).



Shampoo and Conditioner:

3F3092F3-04BB-49F8-84BC-CC0CA99AF85FLush shampoo and conditioner bars are totally package free.






Couple last tips for you:

  • Don’t go shopping when you are hungry, you will avoid buying unnecessary things.
  • Buy locally made products, so you reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Support smaller companies and ethical brands by choosing their products over the mass production.

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