The struggle / 3 month update

Where to start… Well, as you might have noticed my blog has been very quiet for the last month. I had a crazy month at work (reserve/ stand by month as a flight attendant) at the same time I had my friends visiting in Dubai, so my days off were busy as well. But to be honest I was not only absent in writing, I was not so eco-friendly throughout this month too. And this is what I want talk about. Up’s and downs are natural and this is how the life works. In March I was at my “down” and this month was the most difficult in my eco-friendly journey so far. I feel it’s important for me to share this with you so that you can learn from my mistakes with me.

Let me start with confessing my “sins” and give you the reasons why I think all this have happened.
In month of March I have used:

  • 5 plastic grocery bags (I would be in a rush and would simply forget to bring my reusable bag)
  • 1 paper coffee cup (I had my reusable cup, but realized too late it was dirty)
  • 4 straws (I would just forget to deny it in bar/restaurants)
  • 3 take away meals (Was just simply too tired to cook)
  • 9 plastic water bottles (I did not plan in advance and did not order the replenishment from my water supplier in time)
  • A lot of plastic packaged groceries (I was just simply more convenient as and I did not have time to go to the bulk shops)

I feel really guilty about all these things. It might look small to you, but I have promised myself to do my best, but instead I was back to my old careless habits. Every time having to take a plastic bag in the grocery shop, because I forgot reusable bag, would be like a punch in my self-esteem and made me feel very disappointed with myself.

What I learned from all this month of failures is that it all could have been avoided if I was planning things better and prioritized being ecological over being comfortable. But it was a tough month and that is why many times I just chose the comfort. And honestly these take away meals was the best thing after a terrible day at work. What I can do in the end of the day is just to forgive myself and find a compromise, like washing the take away containers and reuse them afterwards.
What is done is done. Sometimes life comes to you and does everything to compromise you. And it’s ok, let the little compromise in your life, if you feel it’s worth it. You have to be flexible in life, that is the only way to survive.

Let’s start fresh now! I’m starting this new month with new energy and feeling positive. Couple days ago it was announced that Researchers from Britain’s University of Portsmouth and the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have developed a plastic-eating enzyme that might be the answer to the plastic pollution! We have hope!





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