Online shopping: eco-friendly make up and clothing

In january I have decided to take responsibility for my consumption habits and buy only things that are in line with my values. I become much more selective and aware of unnecessary packaging (especially plastic), product ingredients and overall the ethics of the companies producing and selling the goods. More I learned about ecological issues, more selective I become. It was overwhelming in the beginning. I would go to the shops and come back empty handed, because unfortunately most of popular brands are not eco-friendly. And plastic…plastic is everywhere… But with time I found my ways. I discovered places where I can buy my groceries package free and found eco-friendly alternatives for my toiletries. But in these 4 months I did not buy any clothing or make up. I still felt I have enough of both and decided to buy only if I will need something and not just for the thrill of buying. And then, my good friend invited me to her wedding which I felt was a good enough excuse for me to finally explore the eco-fashion and buy some things. I was in a mission to find a dress and some make up that I was running out of.

My goals when shopping were to find the items that:

  • FIT ME
  • Made from ecological, organic ingredients/material
  • Ethically made
  • Brand is eco-aware, no fast fashion
  • Packaging is eco-friendly
  • Good quality
  • Resonble pricing

I decided to shop online on, it is a marketplace for small companies, that sell mostly handmade items. I knew I will be able to find something more unique there. Ideally I would prefer to buy locally made things, I am aware that shipping adds to the carbon print, but for my knowledge there are no zero waste make up brands in UAE and eco-friendly clothing brands are difficult to find and here are very expensive.

I end up buying dresses from two different sellers, one mascara and a cream conceler. Everything was shipped in minimal and all paper packaging, which I already recyckled.

Long dress   💚💚💚💚💚

I am in love with this dress. It fits me like a glove! Very well made and the quality of the material is amazing! The winner purchase!



Production: Handmade

Made in: Portugal

Material: Organic Raw Silk

Packaging: Recycled paper

Price: 113 USD

Company: NaturaSpiritShop


Short dress 💚💚💚💚

What a beautiful design. Very well made and the material itself is very good quality. Only one complaint that it’s little see-through.



Production: Handmade

Made in: Croatia

Material: Organic raw cotton

Packaging: Paper and cardboard

Price: 85 USD

Company: ZrnoDesign


Mineral cream concealer 💚💚💚💚💚

I am very happy with this concealer. It is medium coverage, with SPF15, flattering color and no nasty ingredients. Could not wish for more!


Production: Handmade

Made in: Australia

Ingredients: all natural, toxin and titanium dioxide free

Packaging: Aluminium box shipped in paper packaging

Price: 23 USD

Company: DirtyHippieCosmetics

With my new zero waste make up

Mascara 💚💚💚

I love the idea reusing old mascara wand. It is a great zero waste product, but I wish the formula would work better and would add volume and length to my lashes. It covers my lashes evenly with color but nothing more.


Production: Handmade

Made in: UK

Ingredients: all natural

Packaging: Glass jar with metal lid, shipped in paper packaging

Price: 21 USD

Company: LunaBeautyUK

I shared this shopping experience with you to show that we can expect more from the companies we buy things from. Beautiful, fashionable or cheap is not enough. It should also be ethically made and eco-friendly. We as the consumers have a power of choice and it comes with the responsibility to choose wisely.

Think twice what kind of business you want to support.


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