Why UAE residents generate almost twice more waste during Ramadan?

According to UAE carbon reports average person in UAE generates around 2,7 kg of waste every day, but during Ramadan this number dramatically increase to up to 5,4 kg. Why does it happen? One of the biggest reasons is home deliveries and take away food. Most food come in plastic containers and bags and with additional plastic cutlery that you probably not even gonna use, plus often we tend to order too much and much of the food becomes waste itself. As most of the restaurants close down during the day, for many people who do not fast home delivery seems to be the only option. But is it true? Let me give you some tips what you can do differently:

  • Cook your own food! I know crazy, right… Who cooks anymore these days?! But seriously, why not. There are so many easy recipes online it does not have to be complicated. It can even be fun! I tried to make my own almond milk last week, it was so easy and honestly tasted much better when what I find sold in supermarkets. I was hesitant to try at first, but I after this one try I could never go back to in buying the packaged almond milk, as the one I made tastes so much better. Cooking makes you appreciate your food more.


  • Take away in your own containers! If you still want to enjoy certain restaurant meals, and you can actually go there and ask for a take away bring your own containers. I often do that if I am at the restaurant and cannot finish my meal and what to bring the rest of it home I ask the waiter to place it in my container. They are always understanding and I have never been rejected.


  • Choose the restaurants that use paper containers and bags. If you decide to order home delivery, ask the restaurant what packaging they use. If you order a sandwich most probably it will be packaged in paper, which is always a better choice when plastic.


  • Use your own cutlery. When you order remember to note to the restaurant that you do not need the disposable plastic cutlery. If they still bring it, you can kindly return it to the delivery person, as if it is still packaged they can reuse it for the next customer (done that before).


  • Don’t order too much! I think it is self-explanatory. We often over-estimate our stomach. Better stay a bit hungry when too full. UAE has a big issue of food waste as people buy more when they can consume.

Here you go, these are my easy tips for you to avoid all that unnecessary food related  waste. Nature is the one providing us with food and it is sad how we treat her. We are responsible for the waste that we create. You can read more here about why it is a big issue in UAE. Ramadan is a beautiful spiritual time when we should do more good deeds. Let’s not neglect the nature.


Ramadan Kareem


Ramadan Kareem holiday table


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