Feel empowered by your period

This year has been full of discoveries for me. More I learn about sustainable living, closer I feel to the nature and I am getting deeper understanding about the connection between us and our environments. In the same time I am learning more about myself. I have realised that I was doing so many things unconsciously and making wrong decisions because was lacking knowledge or following  wrong priorities. Sustainable living made me to slow down and be extra aware about my every action. Everything started by looking at my own waste bin and facing the fact that I am responsable for what I bring to the landfill. That day I made a decision to do better. Having a take away coffee or spontaneous shopping was not an option for me anymore, I become aware of my purchases and realized that I need much less than I was used to consume. By aligning my lifestyle with my values I feel I am putting myself in one piece and meeting my true self. I was living my life on a default mode before, doing many things just because others were doing. Now I am constantly questioning myself : Does it feel right? Is it in line with my beliefs? And also questioning my knowledge. Is it what I think it is? Are there other options? I think is it crucial always to stay in doubt of your perception, remember that it is always subjective. If you wanna learn, you must stay humble and question.

Utures and Flowers

I feel that I am re-learning everything. One of the things I have rediscovered is that I am a woman. I must thank my menstrual cup for it. You remember I told you about the day  I looked at my own waste bin and decided to change my lifestyle. It was the same powerful  moment the first time I looked at menstrual cup with my period blood. I realized that I do not know much about my body.  I started googling about the menstrual blood and what the color and the amount reveals about your body. After struggling to take out my first menstrual cup, I learned in a hard way that I have a high cervix. All thanks to google and other women talking about the same issue online. So I  found myself a menstrual cup that has a long stem and it has been my best friend for the last six months. But this situation made me face the fact that  I do not know my vagina, and made me question what else I do not know about myself?

I remember I felt so proud when I got my first period, it meant I have become a woman just like my mum and my older sister! But soon I forgot that pride and as a teenager I felt ashamed of my period, it made me feel dirty and I thought that it is something I need to hide. I never had bad menstrual cramps, but I saw many of my friends struggling and feeling sick during their periods, so I also associated it with pain. Basically, it was something unpleasant and I saw it as negative side of being a woman. And I never questioned that… Never untill that day when I saw my period blood in the menstrual cup.


I started reading about periods… a lot! From metaphysical literature, religious views to biology textbooks. I learned that science does not have all the answers yet, but it is clear that period actually does not have to be painful and often pain is actually a symptom of other things, just like PMS. I also found that recently scientists have discovered that period blood is actually a valuable source of stemp cells (2008, University of Pittsburg). There are also various publications linking period with lunar cycles, that is also 29,5 days long.

More I learned, more empowered I felt. I realized that my period is something beautiful, it links me to the nature and has only positive impact on me. Many women in our globalization and consumption driven world are disconnected from their bodies, it is one of the reasons why anxiety and depression is so common in our days.

I would invite all the beautiful woman reading this article to meet your vaginas! The best way to do that is to get a menstrual cup.

I would suggest you to have a look here:  https://theperiodcoach.com

Help to find a right menstrual cup : https://menstrualcupreviews.net

And some great info about women sexual pleasure: https://www.omgyes.com


african woman worker holding a menstrual cup
Be empowered!

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