Do not compromise your beliefs

D1A12845-C1DE-4D45-A766-A81C6C81326EIt’s been a long time I am not blogging. Even though my fingers were itchy to write, I just did not know where to start. Actually, I still do not know. Many things have happened…

I have started this blog in 2018 as my official  manifestation – bringing my life back on the value driven and authentic path.

I feel I have lived most of my twenties searching for other people acceptance. Sustainable living, yoga, personal freedom and meaningful work were things that always felt most important for me, but I somehow I was always compromising it. People around me rarely cared about the same things and I never felt strong enough to speak my beliefs out loud.

In 2018 something changed and I coudn’t fake anymore. I found my voice back and I was done compromising! I decided that I want in life only the things that are 100% meaningful and authentic for me. And the time of drastic changes have started. I have quit the job, my relationship has ended and I also moved back in my home country. It has not been easy, no change is. But I could not be more proud of myself.

I have started a community project about plastic recycling in Vilnius, got a new job in a great company,  became a yoga teacher and now teach on voluntary basis and I have the best like-minded people around me. I have never felt more alive, strong, confident and MYSELF.

No, this is not a happy ending story. It is a real life and the struggles come, but what I wanna show with my example is that life is not about how much happier you can get, but it is about how you can actualize what you believe in. We all deserve to live a meaningful life.

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  1. Well done for staying true to yourself! I’m going through a similar phase of self growth..I was never really afraid of bucking the trend so to speak, but when you follow what is important to you I totally agree we are so much happier and more content (even if its not always easy) keep up the great work!

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