Sustainable solutions

Why sustainability and zero waste?



If you are on this website, I  believe we both can agree that waste is a big issue in our society. And as we are the ones creating it, it is also up on us to fight this problem. The change should be made in each of our homes. People need to learn new habits and adapt a more sustainable lifestyle.

So what does it mean to be sustainable? The Oxford Dictionary explains sustainability as the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. There are many countries that have already adapted different regulations on waste treatment that showed to be efficient and they managed to reduce significantly their waste. We can learn from their experience and we don’t need to ‘reinvent the bicycle’ as the facts and researches talk by themselves. The most important thing is education. People awareness about the issue must be raised and they should be taught about how they can contribute in dealing with it. Government makes a great role in it, but I would like to talk with you more personally.  As one human to another, as we both share this beautiful planet Earth.

Often we think that as one individual we are too little to make any difference. And one bag of trash that I make is not significant, and it not gonna hurt anyone. But it’s not about if you actually gonna make a difference or not. It’s about taking the responsibility, living aligned with your values and being a conscious consumer. There is no better feeling when you do a right thing. If you care, you cannot close your eyes. In our fast moving world we are always in rush, and consumption has become something we do almost unconsciously. I would suggest you to start shopping with more consciousness. Start instead of looking only at the price tag, reading the labels as well. Where is it made, what is the brand, what are the ingredients, see what is the packaging.  Look ahead and think what is gonna go immediately into your trash bin. Think if the products you want to buy doesn’t go against your values. Remember as a consumer you buy buying products you support the companies that make them. Question why you actually wanna buy this item? Is it because of the advertisement? Is it because your friends have it? By paying attention to those things you will learn a lot about yourself, things and people around you. We should not do things with inertia.  We should always question. Being aware puts you in charge. You as a consumer have a choice and the market should not be the one dictating you. When informed you can make better decisions both for yourself and the environment.

I would like to invite you to start by looking at your trash bin. Trash is something that we hide. The trash bins are always covered, hidden… We throw thing away and forget.  It is somehow even disgusting to open and look at it, isn’t it? I invite you to do it and to see what kind of waste you create in your house. Look at your thash and remember that it eventually is going to the waste landfill. Can you do better? What would you buy different next time? How could you make less waste? What could you recycle? What you could avoid or maybe reuse? Maybe you would even challenge yourself to go zero waste.

It is our responsibility to seek for more information so we could make better decisions. You are in charge! It’s up to you to align your consumption habits with your values!

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